Incontinence Assessment

Incontinence, often described as bladder and/or bowel problems, can be difficult to talk about.

Incontinence Assessment

NDIS Incontinence Assessment & Management

Bowel or bladder problems, including the many types of incontinence, can be embarrassing, limiting your quality of life. However, help and support are available.

Our Clinical Nurse Consultant offers a comprehensive incontinence assessment funded by the NDIS to help you access assistance, including product recommendations and lifestyle adjustment suggestions.

Depending on your preferences and needs, we can provide an in-home or telehealth nursing assessment for urinary incontinence.

What to Expect From Our Incontinence Assessment on the NDIS?

The continence evaluation helps identify what’s causing and how to address and manage specific conditions for increased life enjoyment.
Our nursing assessment for urinary incontinence will include:

Keeping a diary

We’ll ask you to complete a bladder and bowel diary for at least three days before your appointment. This record will help us understand your bladder and bowel activities and patterns as part of your assessment and diagnosis.

A home or telehealth appointment

Our nurse will take a thorough history during a visit or call. This interview includes information about your health, medication, disabilities you may be living with, and which medical professionals you are consulting. In addition, we may ask for a urine sample, examine your abdomen, and conduct a toileting functional assessment.

Our assessment and recommendations

After analysing all your information and results, we provide easy-to-read and understand feedback. This report may include lifestyle and product recommendations, with product supply quotes, providing clinical justification and costs for your NDIS funding. We also offer catheter change services and regular continence reviews.

We will have the suggested self-care products and equipment required delivered to you within days after the appointment. So, book your nursing assessment for urinary incontinence today.

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